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The competitive team is for kids who are interested in training to compete in competitions. The focus of the training sessions is to improve your child's strength with an emphasis on overall health. The coaches strive to create a balance between training and enjoying climbing. The team incorporates a multitude of training methods which focus on climbing specific strengths, and antagonist muscle groups that are often ignored. This includes the coaches teaching them how to lead climb and belay. The competitive team will go on field trips to other gyms around Arizona to experience different styles of routes. For the older kids on the team there will also be field trips outdoors that vary between sport and bouldering for the kids to experience outdoor climbing while accompanied by our coaches.


Free Trial!

Any child from the age of 8 to 18 who is interested in joining the climbing team can come in for a free trial session with the team. Both the team session and gym price will free!
To get started with your first free trial session contact the head coach Joey Whitehead: at, or by cell phone 480-781-6289
After contacting the head coach he will work with you to set up a day that works for you and your kid's schedule.
During this trial session your child will engage in activities as a member of our team, and interact with other kids who are passionate about rock climbing.

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